In October 2020, Gen10 sponsored and participated in DigiCom, the commodity digitalisation forum. This year’s virtual event was particularly relevant given the unprecedented need for digitalisation reported by many speakers in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Gen10 CEO Richard Williamson was invited to give his thoughts on a panel session discussing how standardisation is the first building block of digitalisation, as well as to present a “visionary use case study” on the future of CTRM.

Watch the case study now:

The case study discusses how rapid remote implementations are made possible by cloud technology and the example of one Gen10 remote implementation completed in just 6 weeks, whilst both teams were operating under lockdowns. This implementation included integrating with the ERP, migrating data and positions, standardising reporting to the head office, translating the system and documents into Mandarin and training new system users.

The case study also explores the key success factors for a remote implementation that accelerates corporate consolidation and gets people collaborating better than ever before.

We also explore the purpose of modern CTRMs: managing all day-to-day processes across risk, compliance, finance, insurance reporting, trade settlement and accounting, as well as the more traditional CTRM competences of deal capture, hedging and market risk.

The key element of this modern approach to CTRM is “collaboration”; from empowering closer collaboration within teams to creating technologies that allow users to leverage external services such as vessel tracking, satellite data, and IoT inventory management in one place and in the context of their day-to-day operations.

And finally, Richard discusses what the future of CTRM will look like…

This session was one of many insightful discussions at DigiCom, part of Commodity Trading Week, and we are grateful to the team at Commodities People for organising the event.

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