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Natural & Synthetic Polymers

Gen10 help some of the world’s leading rubber and latex merchants manage their operations, inventories and market exposure.

Manage contracts, inventories, logistics and pricing with efficiency and control in a cloud solution that takes commodity management beyond CTRM. Protect against operational and market risk whilst real-time reporting takes care of itself.

Valuations with precision

Add your own formulas to the Pricing Engine and automate a wide range of calculations.

Calculations and conversions

Automate pricing for different origins and grades, and conversions between weights and packaging types. Calculate wet, dry and total solid content. Use external data feeds to show FX and pricing in your chosen currency.

Complete optionality

Add premiums and discounts to variables including locations, incoterms and more. Price based on a range of exchanges for physical contracts, futures, FX and interest. Complete position visibility allows traders to make the best decisions. Pricing recalculates instantly for simple experimentation.

More data

MTM and P&L reports are updated automatically as traders and operators update contracts in real-time. Shipping, processing and other costs can all be managed within the system to provide a true view of the data.

Simple counterparty management

Automate and accelerate onboarding processes

inspection audit

Manage all counterparties in a central CRM

contract management

Upload certificates and key documents with renewal dates

Automate pre-trade checks such as credit limit controls

ctrm polymers

Operations support

beyond CTRM


Virtual lots and virtual tanks

Manage stock from purchase to sale, through storage tanks and blending. Storage and operations management includes automatic weight conversions.

Simple document management

Automatically create shipping documents based on system information and approved templates. Manage stock and counterparty certificates across the value chain with ease.

Day-to-day operations

Workflows create tasks and notify individuals, Calendars show all outstanding activities and real-time contract overviews show every contract at each stage of your process.

Trading & profitability

Trade faster – anywhere

The cloud commodity management apps are designed to be used securely anywhere, on desktop or mobile devices.

Traders have complete position visibility and access to all the data they need to make faster, more informed decisions. Workflows, document creation and e-signatures accelerate lengthy trading processes.

Faster approvals

Pre-trade checks and pre-approved templates make approval processes more efficient. Approvers are instantly notified of their outstanding actions and can check contracts at any time from anywhere.

Seamless accounting integration

Gen10 apps integrate with accounting software and ERP systems, feeding in data in real-time throughout the day. Track and settle payables and receivables with efficiency.

The reports take care of themselves

Traders do not need to update reports after completing actions. The live reports provide all teams with the information they need to manage risk, MTM and P&L at all times.

Discover how Gen10 worked with Corrie MacColl to deliver a global rubber distribution platform

“With its contract entry, logistics & shipping and position management functionalities, CommOS has streamlined and synergised our workflows and our office operations.

All of our teams are now beginning to operate in exactly the same way, which then enables us to obtain accurate and comprehensive management information and reports.”

Tony Fox, Corrie MacColl

Gen10 Apps

Powerful integrated CTRM technology

Driven by comprehensive workflow and pricing engines. Automate processes across front-, middle-, and back-offices for continuous position reconciliation. Feed data into ERP and other software in real-time. The cloud software gives all users the information and tools they need at any time and on any device.

Enhanced contract management

Manage counterparties, automate document creation and gain control over contract processes with automated workflows.

Calculate and re-calculate pricing automatically. Multiple premiums and discounts, FX, exchanges, conversions and more provide complete visibility and optionality.

Better logistics

Power logistics with automated document creation including shipping and warehousing documents and bank requests for release.

Reduce operational risk using checks and controls including credit limit alerts, missing documents, allocation quantities and more. Keep all teams updated on every contract with automated calendars of outstanding tasks and deadlines.

Live reporting

Gain complete, real-time position visibility that updates as soon as actions are taken. The wide range of in-system reports and reporting integrations provide real-time P&L, MTM, position and management reports that give clear, actionable insights into your operations.

CTRM becomes a tool to speed up processes, reduce administration and improve compliance, while the reports take care of themselves.


Automated contract management

Workflow engines provide efficiency, control and audit. Progress digital contracts through Legal, Finance, CSR and commercial functions seamlessly. Automate contract creation, special clauses and processing to approvals and counterparties.

Automatically calculate pricing with multiple assays, premiums and discounts, on call and average pricing, as well as FX and interest.

Faster processes

Manage approved counterparties, their documents and expiry dates. Automatically create contracts based on their history or your approved templates. Virtual lots make it easy to monitor incoming stock and any assays, allocate the right stock to sales contracts and trace commodities, even when blending or combining lots.

Live reports update as soon as actions are carried out. Issue the contract, feed your positions and update your ERP at exactly the same time.

Better controls

Use digital approvals and signatures, with workflows providing confidence that contracts are not progressed without approval and digital processing creating a complete record of every action taken as standard.

Cloud commodity management

Access this cloud app securely from anywhere on almost any device. Team members can update deals and approve contracts securely, even when away from their desks.

Versatile integrations

Included as standard with Commodity.Manager CTRM or implement as a stand-alone app. Manage and automate purchase and sale contracts on a single platform or feed your E/CTRM or ERP position reporting to gain better outcomes from your existing technologies.

commodity contract manager

Faster pre-trade and deal capture

Streamline high-volume transactions and capture pricing across your organisation. Communicate price levels, invite offers, close deals and monitor activity.

More communication

Transform your procurement process by inviting approved suppliers and customers to your private digital marketplace. The mobile-friendly app means your team can close deals quickly and automate business confirmations for instant communication, even when traders are out and about.

Better data

Gain greater insights from tracking offer-bid spreads and performing analysis via a simple responsive dashboard. API integrations with Contract Management, CTRM and ERP systems update your digital records as soon as deals are confirmed, reducing data entry and improving accuracy.

deal capture app

Traceability and provenance assurance

Perform due diligence on suppliers or warehouses with this web and mobile app. Inspectors can survey even remote producing regions and share data instantly using the cloud app. Or, in areas of limited connectivity, can save responses and upload them as soon as they have Internet access.

Paperless audit

Ensure mandatory questions are completed. Upload supporting evidence and use the device’s GPS location to confirm the site visit.

Complete transparency

Information is available across the organisation as soon as it is uploaded, with no risk of errors during transcription. Fully-digital records create a complete change log, showing any changes made to your information and when.

audit traceability provenance

Manage risk as part of everyday workflows

Populate risk reports with the information your team generates as they work – with no need to copy information or wait for end-of-day reports.

Real-time Operational and Financial risk

Broad risk management tools support activities from price and premium curves to credit limits. Reports including MTM, position and P&L help you mark your exposure to market, square your hedges and explain your P&L, all updating as weights and quantities change throughout the day.

The cloud app can be securely accessed remotely, providing all the information your people need, whenever they need it.

Work with your technology

Included as part of Commodity.Manager CTRM or use the stand-alone app to improve your existing software’s risk management.

Scale with confidence

Knowing that financial, commercial and operational activities are being controlled and monitored from the ground up.

risk management software

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