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Environmental Markets

Climate change is possibly the greatest challenge many businesses will ever face.

Estimates of the cost of inaction run into the $trillions, carbon markets are valued between $100 billion* and $250 billion**, and our customers have made it clear that we all need to do our part.

With a collective need to invest in protecting our resources and environment, businesses across the global supply chain need to adapt to new and complex environmental markets.

Introducing NetZero OS

An ecosystem of digital tools to manage and control your origination, trading, tracking and procurement of credits at scale, efficiently and robustly.

Trade carbon credits

Managing the financial and operational risks of environmental markets is critical.

Every organisation interacting with the rapidly-expanding carbon markets has exposure to volatile carbon pricing. This exposure needs to be reduced where possible, and the residual emissions offset.

Managing carbon credits and contracts is complex, with fragmented markets, multiple registries, complex heterogenous contracts and time-consuming OTC negotiations.


But NetZero OS has been specifically designed to solve these problems.

NetZero OS


Use NetZero OS to design contracts, strategies and differentiate products according to the attributes that matter to you and your clients.

Custom automation workflows and attributes enable our clients to manage their portfolios and inventory more effectively than ever before.

Structured contract templates and inventory automation make OTC contracts more efficient, so you can scale faster with confidence.

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The full carbon credit lifecycle

  • Manage your carbon credits from origination and contracting through to retirement and invoicing.
  • Differentiate the quality of your credits by attributes and premiums of your choosing.
  • Pricing and risk controls from manging exposure across registries to automated pricing calculations.
  • Portfolio and inventory management to assess projects, create back-to-back and bundled products and trace retired credits back to origin.
  • Governance and reporting, with compliance workflows, complete digital audits and real-time risk and regulatory reporting.


  • Up and ready in days
  • Fully managed service with our global cloud infrastructure
  • High levels of configurability and workflow rules enable you to map the platform to your business processes as they evolve
  • Integrates with your existing ERP to create efficiencies and reduce errors and omissions
  • Subscription based with no upfront large investment
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Expertise and action

From day one, we’ve put sustainability at the heart of what we do.

We’ve spent the last 20 years helping commodity supply chains improve their practices, so they run their business better and operate with a lighter impact. We’ve done this for clients around the world in developed and emerging markets. And now we’re bringing this expertise to environmental markets, starting with carbon.

It’s our privilege to bring our business acumen to the projects that create a positive impact on climate change, and that help you transform sustainability into a profit centre for your business.

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