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Environmental Markets

Climate change is possibly the greatest challenge many businesses will ever face.

Estimates of the cost of inaction run into the $trillions, carbon markets are valued between $100 billion* and $250 billion**, and our customers have made it clear that we all need to do our part.

With a collective need to invest in protecting our resources and environment, businesses across the global supply chain need to adapt if they are to meet these demands and opportunities.

Introducing NetZero OSTM

A complete operating platform to manage your environmental market assets and liabilities, and help you reach your diverse ESG goals.


Bring our business process expertise to your most pressing climate & carbon offsetting challenges.

Trade carbon credits

The huge operational risks of disconnected ESG projects introduce a range of regulatory and reputational risks too.

NetZero OSTM reduces this operational risk by integrating with your existing technology ecosystem to help you monitor and manage data across all your processes, whilst the system provides management and regulatory reporting in real-time.

NetZero OSTM‘s modular cloud design means that your solution is custom-fit to your business processes, with the flexibility to scale and develop as your ESG projects grow.

As part of your implementation project, we will work with you to identify the most effective modules and implementation strategy.

Expertise and action

From day one, we’ve put sustainability at the heart of what we do.

We’ve spent the last 20 years helping commodity supply chains improve their practices, so they run their business better and operate with a lighter impact. We’ve done this for clients around the world in developed and emerging markets. And now we’re bringing this expertise to environmental markets, starting with carbon.

It’s our privilege to bring our business acumen to the projects that create a positive impact on climate change, and that help you transform sustainability into a profit centre for your business.

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NetZero OSTM


An ecosystem of digital tools to help you originate, trade, trace and measure your actions towards achieving your environmental and sustainability goals.

Our modular solutions cover the lifecycle of a carbon asset from upstream origination, to contracting, portfolio management, verification, sales and retirement. Whether you are in origination, trading or procurement, we have the digital solutions that can help.

ESG solutions

Combining Climate Action with Sound Business Practices

  • Address the balance between climate action and your net zero commitments.
  • Manage the entire lifecycle through to retirement of credits and billing, reducing operational risk every step of the way.
  • Helps you manage your operational, transactional and financial risks in a collaborative, transparent way.
  • With our 20+ years of commodity finance, traceability and risk management technologies, together with our in-house knowledge of carbon markets, you can be sure that NetZero OS™ is built to adapt as these markets mature.


  • Up and ready in days
  • Fully Managed cloud hosting services with 99.99% availability means you can focus on the business, not the servers
  • High levels of configurability and our workflow engine enables you to map the platform to your business processes as they evolve
  • Subscription based with no upfront large investment
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