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Trade Finance

Trade finance is the lifeblood of commodity supply chains, but can be a lengthy and challenging process for both funder and lendee.

Traders, banks and supply chain partners all have their own challenges; whether that is accessing credit lines, managing collaterals or lowering probabilities of default. Yet all trade finance participants share the need for better risk management and a clear, real-time understanding of their or their partners’ risk positions.

Our mission at Gen10 is to provide clients with the tools to do this.

Making the complex simple

Gen10 offer a number of platforms and solutions that make trade finance processes faster and more intuitive. From automating risk reporting within a CTRM to creating a collaborative trade finance platform where a repo deal was completed in under 5 minutes via mobile phone, discover how we can help your organisation reduce errors, risk and processing to get more from your trade finance.

For traders and merchants

Live reporting

Report in real-time at any time on operational risk, contract management, logistics, credit line availability, financial risk and more – all updated as contracts and market information change.

Securely share information

Banks need better assurance and reporting data than ever before. Gen10 solutions range from live reporting via API integrations to controlled system access or collaborative data-sharing platforms depending on your needs.

Greater visibility

Make your credit lines work harder for you with real-time position visibility that allows your teams to make the best decisions, quickly. Track goods from the point of trade through to end delivery, and use a range of solutions to provide greater visibility for all parties.

Faster trading

Whether through cloud commodity management that allows your people to create and approve documents and manage risk from anywhere, or through platforms designed to reduce repo transactions from days to minutes, unlock the advantages of faster, automated trading processes.

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For banks

Real-time counterparty data

Gain insight into counterparty and credit risk, commodity price risk and collateral risk in real-time to lower probabilities of default and Loss Given Defaults. React with agility to the real risk positions of clients.

Efficient operations

Use Gen10 platforms to reduce email exchanges, agree funding terms faster and provide a secure transfer of title for repo agreements.

Less administration

Gen10 platforms create opportunities for process automation and reduce administration. The digital processes create a complete audit trail of all activities, meaning that the reports take care of themselves.

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