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Traceability and Provenance

Commodity management apps help solve some of the most pressing social and ecological challenges our world is facing.

From mapping the sustainability metrics of over 4,000 smallholder farmers in West Africa to optimising logistics for certified products, Gen10 gives businesses the technology they need to create supply chain efficiency, improve traceability and manage business risk.

Commodity Management for Traceability

Solving first-mile sustainability

Remote producing regions and large numbers of smallholders can make the first mile the most challenging for provenance, but digital transformation allows you to get closer than ever to these suppliers.

Paperless Audit

Gen10’s mobile Aud.ITTM app has aided the digital audit of over 4000 smallholder cocoa farmers in West Africa. Field agents or self-certifying partners visit each site and gather sustainability data and evidence without needing Internet access. The device’s GPS location verifies provenance data. Agents upload the data when they have a reliable Internet connection.

Fast, verifiable data access

Once data is uploaded to your app, it is instantly available via a secure cloud to all who need it, on mobile and desktop devices. There are no lost documents, no copying errors and a complete audit trail if data is changed at a later date.

Digital transaction records

Digitalise the process of buying from smallholders with the Trade.CounterTM app. Create digital records on any device, which creates a unique virtual lot for each transaction. Integrate the app with your commodity management technology to create a real-time data flow that allows you to trace every outbound shipment back to the farmers who supplied it.

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traceability provenance software

Complete supply chain traceability

Track each unit from purchase to sale

Each virtual lot is tracked across your processes as standard. Even when splitting or combining stock, check its provenance without the need for manual record-keeping.

Manage storage and logistics

Inventory and location management makes it easier to track the separate storage of certified goods. If blending mass balanced or segregated commodities, tanks within the app allow you to mirror and manage your physical operations.

Document management

Manage certification documents centrally within Commodity.Manager. Controls ensure mandatory documents are in place, such as preventing shipping if certifications are not included.

Share data across supply chains

Gen10 apps integrate via API with other software to securely share data. And we have helped several industry projects to create more collaborative ways to share data across organisations.

Traceability and provenance are built in to every Gen10 solution.

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