“This is a game changer for us, dramatically improving how we collect, bank and share data with our clients.”

Intertek traceability case studyThe Challenge

Intertek are a provider of Total Quality Assurance, offering testing, inspection, certification and more.

Due to the remote nature of many producing regions, Intertek inspectors completed farm compliance surveys for their clients using clipboard and paper. Data was re-entered into spreadsheets for analysis once the entire survey was complete, often some weeks later.

Intertek needed a solution that would allow them to collate and analyse data faster, with greater data integrity.

The Solution

Gen10 developed Aud.IT, a web app control centre and mobile app survey tool. Aud.IT allows Intertek to create surveys and KPIs, view live dashboards of survey results and analyse their data.

Inspectors complete the surveys on mobile devices and enhance the survey results with the device’s GPS location, supporting evidence and photographs. Survey responses are stored on the device until the inspector has access to an internet connection and uploads them, at which point the data is available for Intertek and the client to view immediately.

The Outcome

Intertek and end users have gained access to new insights, trends and benchmarks from their data, with better assurance of data integrity. They can collate and analyse survey results without waiting for inspectors to return to the office, meaning clients have faster access to their data and can address identified issues more rapidly than ever before.

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