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We enable our customers to buy, sell, store, ship, trace, finance, insure and hedge commodities more effectively, at much lower cost and help drive value from their massive data flows.

Our domain expertise, workflow process engineering and technology framework, CommOS™, are the keys to our ability to innovate fast and efficiently.

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Discover how our apps are developed for:

Environmental Markets
Environmental Markets
metals ctrm
Metals & Concentrates
Oil and Energy CTRM
Oil & Energy
Biofuels CTRM
Oilseed CTRM
Oilseed & Edible Oils
ctrm for polymers
Fertilizers CTRM
Coffee CTRM
ctrm for cotton
cocoa ctrm


Commodity Trading

  • Take your commodity management beyond CTRM with collaborative commodity management software.
  • Comprehensive pricing and workflow engines automate processes across commodity trading, logistics and finance.
  • Use the CommOS platform or only the apps you need to capture premiums, manage risk, improve logistics and automate invoicing.
  • Built-in notifications, calendars, and position reconciliation ensure all trades are progressing smoothly across front- and back-office functions.
  • Real-time MTM, P&L, inventory monitoring and reporting combine with powerful analytics tools to provide better data insights.

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Carbon management software

Carbon Markets

  • Reach your ESG goals with NetZero OS, a complete operating platform to manage your environmental market assets and liabilities.
  • Originate, trade, trace and measure your actions towards carbon and other sustainability goals.
  • Manage your operational, transactional and financial risks in a collaborative, transparent way.
  • Value your inventories and long-term commitments in real-time.
  • Map the platform to your business processes as they evolve.
  • Bring our business process expertise to your most pressing climate and carbon offsetting challenges.

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risk management software

Commodity Trade Finance

  • Create efficiency, control and scale in commodity trade finance.
  • Live position visibility for your teams and partners.
  • Manage repos, bank release requests and related approval processes.
  • Report in real-time on credit line availability, operational risk, financial risk and more.
  • Securely share live information between warehouse, merchant, bank and insurance company, for reduced risk and greater agility.

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audit traceability provenance

Traceability & Provenance

  • Demonstrate responsible sourcing and sustainable practices.
  • Deliver the assurances that consumers, banks and investors are demanding.
  • Ease the burden and cost of due diligence with the Aud.IT app.
  • Streamline the data collection and verification process of any type of business intel, due diligence/compliance or feedback.
  • Conduct audits even in areas without Internet connectivity.
  • Integrate with Commodity.Manager or Contract.Manager for end-to-end traceability and certification management.

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