The last week of February is set to be a busy one for the energy commodities industry in London. International Energy Week is taking over the reins from the ever-popular IP Week, alongside linked energy events taking place across the city from 27th February to 2nd March.

The Gen10 team are particularly excited to see decarbonisation high on the agenda for every event across the week. The energy transition is a project we are very passionate about and we will be available throughout the week to discuss how our software can support your journey to net zero, as well as your commodity trading.

Kicking off the week on Monday 27th February is the Platts London Energy Forum. The forum’s expert speakers will share their insights and market trends for 2023, particularly focusing on the outlook for global energy markets and balancing the world’s energy needs with meeting net zero targets. The event also features breakout sessions providing deeper insights for different energy commodities.

Next on our busy agenda is the Argus Oil and Future Fuels Forum on Tuesday 28th February. This event includes networking and sessions exploring crude markets, oil and the global economy, and the range of European road fuels. The afternoon sees the Argus Future Fuels Forum where sessions include the fuels supporting decarbonisation, voluntary carbon markets and carbon-compensated cargoes, and metals supply chains for the EV revolution.

And for attendees of International Energy Week, our team will be in London throughout the event and again available for meetings whenever suits you. This 3-day event also discusses the energy transition and net zero, with a focus on financing the transition among several other themes.

Whatever your plans are for this busy week, we’d love to discuss Gen10’s solutions for energy commodities and for carbon credit management. Meet us at one of the events or join us in our offices at Canary Wharf at a time that works for you. Simply leave your details below and we’ll set up a chat, or choose a time in Senior Sales Director George’s calendar now.

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