Of over 100 vendors recognised by CTRM users in a recent survey, Gen10 were named among the market leaders in a range of categories.

The Vendor Perceptions Survey was carried out by ComTech Advisory in Spring 2020 and asked CTRM end users and influencers about their perceptions of CTRM vendors and their buying criteria when looking for CTRM software. Great care was taken by the independent analyst firm to maintain their unbiased stance and to ensure that only genuine CTRM users take part in the survey.

As well as questions around brand awareness, respondents were asked who they consider to be market leaders in a number of categories.

Out of over 100 vendors named by a global audience, Gen10 were named among the market leaders overall, and among the top 10 market leaders for metals, based on the percentage of respondents who named each vendor as a market leader.

Our global customer base was reflected in the fact that Gen10 was listed among only 9 market leaders for metals in North America and in responses from Asia. However, Gen10 remain best-known in Europe for now, where we were named as the 5th most well-known market leader for metals and among the top 3 for ores and concentrates.

Looking at the Vendor Perceptions Survey as a whole, one of the most noticeable insights is that there is often no clear market leader. For example, for ores and concentrates globally, where Gen10 appeared in the top 10 vendors, 73% of respondents claimed there is no market leader. With the industry clearly telling us that no vendor stands out from the others at this time, being named among the market leaders for so many categories is certainly an endorsement for the modern, flexible, cloud-based commodity management systems that Gen10 provide.

For Gen10, this achievement is down to the five pillars of how we ensure customer success: cloud technology, a great user experience, configurability, integration with other systems and forming a collaborative team with our clients. If you’re curious as to what makes Gen10 different, contact us today, we’re happy to discuss our philosophy.

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