As experts in commodity management technology, Gen10 have long promoted the role technology can play in improving traceability and provenance in commodity supply chains.

That’s why our latest eBook encourages all actors in biomass supply chains to consider how their commodity management software can help enhance transparency and improve procurement processes.

As well as diving into the changing global regulations for biomass power generation that make traceability essential, the eBook discusses how digital processes can save time and improve outcomes for procurement teams, before exploring their impact on the wider business.

It also shows how digital procurement processes can provide benefits beyond the realms of sustainability, with an exploration into how they also improve contract turnover, position visibility and risk management.

We hope that this eBook can help organisations make the case for better sustainability processes by showing the impact they can have on results across the entire business.

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“We know that sustainability and traceability are going to remain important considerations for all of us in the coming years. Organisations are already making huge strides in their traceability initiatives and we expect to see further collaboration and data-sharing across supply chains in future, benefitting all involved.

The aim of this eBook is to help organisations think about what their next steps will be and ensure that the way they are using technology to support these initiatives will benefit the organisation as a whole as well as the teams directly involved in procurement.”

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