Cloud commodity management technology experts Gen10 have unveiled a new website that reflects the company’s goal of helping commodity firms Work Better. Together.

The new branding helps clients appreciate the simplicity and harmony of how cloud technology can be. The design celebrates the user-centric philosophy of Gen10, where each individual using the technology focuses on their own day-to-day tasks, whilst in the background, complex workflows share the data they are creating with others in their orbit: leading to effortless connectivity across teams and software.

The information each user creates as part of their role is instantly and securely available in the cloud to others who need it – whether that’s an operator receiving updated contract details or a risk manager viewing the latest position report whenever a trader makes an update.

This data-sharing is effortless and seamless, helping all users within the company access the data they need to make better decisions, work more efficiently and realise the benefits of collaboration, in a concept Gen10 define as “Work Better. Together.”

Richard Williamson, CEO and Founder of Gen10, explained:

“Previous representations of connectivity have often created networks of straight lines, where each individual becomes part of a large web. We decided that constrained viewpoint does not represent what Gen10 helps our customers to achieve – a collaborative operating environment where people don’t have to join the dots because we’re doing that for them.

People can be agile in their activities, with the tools to do a better job, whilst the data and reporting takes care of itself.”

As well as a new design, the website showcases Gen10’s commitment to flexibility, highlighting how Gen10’s CommOS framework has been developed for 9 different commodity groups, is adapted to each organisation’s processes, and how the range of commodity management apps can solve challenges from commodity trading to trade finance and traceability.

The new design comes at a time of rapid change and digitalisation within commodities as tight profit margins and increased risk mean that organisations across supply chains are looking to make their operations more efficient and drive value from a more efficient supply chain. Gen10 are optimistic that their new website will help these organisations understand how straightforward this digital transformation can be.

About Gen10

Gen10 are providers of cloud commodity management and CTRM software based in the UK. Their mission is to bring transparency, sustainability and value to the commodity supply chain. Gen10 focus on making the day-to-day tasks of commodity trading faster and simpler through automation and collaboration. They work with clients to build up an understanding of the challenges they face and deliver flexible solutions that integrate into their operations.

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