Gen10 have today announced their new NetZero OSTM, an ecosystem of digital apps designed to help global supply chains reach their ESG goals by better managing carbon and other environmental market assets.

The new platform offers a range of digital tools for those looking to originate, trade or procure carbon credits. It means organisations can manage the lifecycle and due diligence of their carbon and other ESG assets, from upstream origination, to contracting, portfolio management, verification, sales and retirement.

NetZero OSTM focuses on the business processes and data collection involved in origination, transfer and traceability of carbon credits and all the financial and operational risks involved.

Gen10, whose experience is in developing software for commodity supply chains, believe it is this expertise that makes them so well-placed to help solve the dynamic challenges of environmental markets both today and how they may likely mature in complexity in the future. Digitalising real-world assets, process automation and flexible reporting capabilities refined over the years have all been the essential back-story in creating NetZero OSTM.

The project is particularly important to Gen10 Founder & CEO Richard Williamson who said:

“The evidence is clear that we all need to do our part to solve the climate problem. It’s great to see financial institutions, multi-nationals and their supply chains really coming together to find practical solutions to reduce their impact and channel much-needed investment into positive environmental and social projects around the world to offset the carbon that can’t yet be eliminated. It’s our absolute privilege to be able to help digitally facilitate this.”

Bruce Tozer, who was involved in Carbon 1.0 and led the build out globally of JPMorgan’s Environmental Markets capability from its commodities division, and who has been working with Richard and Gen10 during the last 8 years on this and other projects added:

“It was Richard’s strong commitment to using technology to not only better manage commodity supply chains more efficiently, but also more sustainably that originally drew my interest. It is the depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise developed by the Gen10 team over years having delivered to clients across multiple commodities that has made the NetZero OS platform possible. Such digital tools are essential to securely manage the life cycle of environmental assets from origination to retirement.”

Having done the initial investment and the hard, risky part of developing and proving the technology, Gen10 is now fund-raising in order to accelerate growth and serve what seems to be one of the most rapidly expanding markets today.


About Gen10

Gen10’s mission is to bring sustainability, traceability and value to global supply chains. The company focus on making day-to-day business tasks faster and simpler through automation, with a focus on real-world supply chain management, operational risk and data analytics.

Gen10’s expertise is based on the team of ex-commodity traders, developers and technology experts who believe in making innovative, high-value and flexible supply chain and finance solutions.

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