Gen10, a leading provider of cloud commodity software, today announced the successful global implementation of their CommOS platform for the Corrie MacColl group.

The implementation was completed remotely, with no visits between the Gen10 team and the four locations brought online, thanks to cloud technology and Gen10’s unique service model of customer collaboration that enabled the Corrie MacColl group to play an active role in their implementation.

Corrie MacColl is a group of Natural and Synthetic Rubber growing, trading, storage, distribution and technical support companies, owned by the Singaporean conglomerate Halcyon Agri.

Merger & Acquisition activity in 2017-2018 saw the Corrie MacColl group expand to encompass rubber traders and distributors Centrotrade, Wurfbain, Alan Grant and Momentum Technologies International, as well as Momentum Technologies Laboratories, Kelvin Terminals and the world’s largest rubber plantation; Corrie MacColl Plantations.

As part of the strategy to align these companies into one unified entity trading under the Corrie MacColl name, the group needed commodity management software that could support this alignment. Corrie MacColl selected Gen10 based on the positive recommendations from teams within Wurfbain and Alan Grant who were already using Gen10’s CommOS.

A rapid implementation was important to Corrie MacColl, and the first location was completed just 3 weeks after development began. Between August and December, 3 separate companies in the USA, Germany and Malaysia were brought onto the CommOS platform and into Corrie MacColl’s way of working.

The Gen10 team migrated data from spreadsheets and incumbent CTRM systems to standardise processes across the group, whilst developing functionality to support regional requirements such as translating system-generated documents and ensuring legal compliance within different jurisdictions.

The early 2020 implementation for the business in China was delayed to allow the team to manage the disruption Covid-19 caused to their operations. But lockdowns across Europe did not impact on the deployment, as teams within Corrie MacColl already using CommOS had the technology to continue their normal activities securely and remotely. The implementation continued according to schedule with ongoing close collaboration between teams from Corrie MacColl and Gen10 working remotely to ensure a successful roll-out.

Tony Fox, Business Development Manager at Corrie MacColl said:

 “My objective was to source a commodity management system that would work seamlessly across our companies and begin their unification under the Corrie MacColl brand, and that’s exactly what it’s started to do. With its contract entry, logistics & shipping and position management functionalities, CommOS has streamlined and synergised our workflows and our office operations.

Coupled with the way that it works seamlessly with Microsoft Navision to manage the finance and the accounting aspects of our business, all of our teams are now beginning to operate in exactly the same way, which then enables us to obtain accurate and comprehensive management information and reports. CommOS has helped us to unite a group of companies under the Corrie MacColl brand, creating a global distribution platform for sustainable, natural rubber of unrivalled scale, scope and reach”. 


About Gen10

Gen10 are providers of cloud commodity management and CTRM software based in the UK. Their mission is to bring transparency, sustainability and value to the commodity supply chain. Gen10 focus on making the day-to-day tasks of commodity trading faster and simpler through automation and collaboration. They work with clients to build up an understanding of the challenges they face and deliver flexible solutions that integrate into their operations.

About Corrie MacColl

Corrie MacColl is a group of Natural and Synthetic Rubber growing, trading, storage, distribution and technical support companies, with plantations in Cameroon and Malaysia, and owned by the Singaporean conglomerate Halcyon Agri. The Halcyon group is the leading natural rubber supply chain manager in the world, supplying 1.6 million tonnes annually, or 12% of global consumption. Corrie MacColl operate across the globe with offices in the USA, UK, The Netherlands, Turkey, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore and China, in addition to the plantations in Cameroon.

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