Gen10 are happy to announce that we will once again be sponsoring Commodity Trading Week, taking place online from 7-11 June.

With over 100 hours of content across 5 distinct conferences, the free event provides opportunities for learning and networking for every role within commodity firms.

The 5 conferences include:

  • DigiCom, commodity digitalisation, 7 June. Exploring the digital revolution taking place in commodities, the vast array of digital initiatives and where to focus your organisation’s innovation strategy.
  • Supply Chain + Logistics, 8 June. From digitalisation to the development of sustainable and environmentally-friendly supply chains, this forum assesses best practices around transportation, storage and logistics.
  • Traders Live, 9 June. The shared challenges facing front office leaders, market trends, disruptive technology and more.
  • CXO Risk, risk in the boardroom, 10 June. Closed-door roundtables open to those responsible for designing their firms’ risk management strategy at the highest level, with an interactive discussion-based agenda.
  • ComRisk, 10-11 June. The 6th annual ComRisk Forum, including over 50 expert speakers, 1000 participants and 25 hours of content. Senior risk management experts from around the world will analyse the trends of digitalisation, regionalisation and decarbonisation alongside a range of risk management practices, counterparty risk, operational risk, trade finance and the latest developments in risk technologies.

There is a lot of great content across the week’s events, and we recommend looking at the agendas, but we particularly hope you are able to attend the panel session Richard Williamson, Gen10 CEO and Founder, is speaking at. Richard and other industry experts will be discussing Keeping a pulse on CTRMs: Are they transitioning to ecosystems to better cater for risk management needs? at 1.20pm (BST) on Friday 11 June.

The transition to CTRM Ecosystems

Anybody familiar with Gen10’s philosophy will not be surprised to hear that Richard will be making the case for the ecosystem model. A commodity management ecosystem allows you to select the best technology for each aspect of your business and connect these best-of-breed solutions to create one overarching system to run your business from end-to-end.

For example, you could select a modern, cloud CTRM from a provider who specialises in CTRM for your own asset class, the best general ledger software and the most relevant ERP, and use 2-way integrations to feed real-time data between each business area for a truly collaborative end-to-end process. By contrast, the monolithic option uses software from 1 provider, with limited availability to add other systems, meaning disjointed processes and copying information between systems, or being limited to an extension of the software that does not support the complexities and exceptions that almost all commodity businesses manage on a daily basis.

At Gen10, we value collaboration and agility, and see ecosystems as a vital way for our clients to onboard the best technologies that are truly developed for their needs. We think that technology should be flexible enough to fit our clients, not the other way around, and make use of cloud platforms to get our clients live in weeks.

Join Richard live at ComRisk on 11 June to find out more about CTRM ecosystems and why we believe they are the future of risk management.

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