Gen10 are delighted to announce that we are Gold sponsors of Energy Trading Week Online, the world’s leading online event for energy traders.

Taking place over 3 days from 16 to 18 June 2020, the free event includes presentations and panel discussions from leaders in energy trading and power generation. Energy Trading Week also includes virtual networking, creating a true event experience in addition to the webinar series.

Join us and industry experts at the event to discuss a wide range of topics concerning the digitalisation of the energy industry, the impact of Covid-19 on energy consumption and markets, and the latest technologies making a difference in the space.

Following each panel discussion, there will be a networking break where you can discuss your own opinions on the key issues facing the energy sector and speak to the panellists in more detail.

The Gen10 team will also be available throughout the event to discuss our solutions for energy, including a CTRM with LNG functionality available out of the box, procurement automation solutions and mobile provenance/auditing apps, among others.

And because the event is virtual, you can choose which sessions are most relevant and drop in as you like.

The event is free to attend, so register today.

Gen10 Energy Trading Week

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